Module 2 Reflection

I chose to set up my storage bin in Dropbox.  This is a very easy storage site to use.  The back channel communication areas I’m using are Voxer to chat with my Elementary group and Facebook to look at posts and post questions with the entire cohort for this class.  I’ve made and read posts in both on a regular basis.  Although I did notice that when my group members put their links to their blogs into Voxer it soon disappears, as the site only has the threads from the most recent posts.  I noticed someone posted a central location for everyone in the cohort to post the links for their blogs, which is fantastic!  After that, I could access other people’s blogs and get an idea of what they are supposed to look like.  I have never done a blog or a website before and am easily confused by some of the terms and instructions.  Thank goodness for this visual representation of what we are supposed to do. Since I am taking multiple online classes, this process was wonderful for organization.  Now I have folders for each of my classes on Dropbox and I can easily keep things organized for each class. My group members, who had Dropbox accounts, were able to access my link to Module 1 with no problem.


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